Safety Recalls and service campaigns

Safety Recalls & Service Campaigns

Occasionally, during the life of a motorcycle, parts may have to be replaced under a manufacturer's Service Campaign or Safety Recall. Suzuki is committed to working within the Code of Practice on Safety Defects with regards to all Safety Recall actions in the UK and therefore Recall and Service Campaigns are introduced by Suzuki when deemed necessary.

  • A Safety Recall is a modification that is considered to be safety related. In this case the owner is notified of the issue and requested to arrange to visit their local Suzuki Dealer for the necessary modifications to be carried out. Safety Recalls are monitored by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA).
  • A Service Campaign is initiated when a Suzuki part is not performing to its optimum standard and when the required modification is considered not to be safety related. The work can be undertaken during routine servicing or repair, but we do notify owners so it can be completed at any time.

Both Service Campaigns and Safety Recalls are undertaken free of charge

If you would like to know if there is any Service Campaign or Safety Recall work outstanding on your motorcycle, simply enter your VIN and Registration into the spaces below or contact your local dealer.

The work can be undertaken during routine servicing but we do notify owners so this upgrade can be undertaken at any time.

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