Maintenance Tips

Whether you're new to biking or a seasoned rider, there are lots of maintenance tasks you can do yourself to keep your Suzuki motorcycle in tip-top condition.

Be A Brighter Spark

Find out the advantages of using Genuine Suzuki Batteries.

My Touring Checklist

Just to help, we have listed all the important things you need to think about, before you set off on your travels this summer. So, all you need to do is download, print and enjoy the journey.

Instructional DVD

Simon Crafar, the former 500cc Grand Prix winner and World Superbike rider, has launched his own unique on-circuit instructional DVD and book in association with Suzuki.
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Trackday Terms

Confused by techno-babble?
Unsure about trackside banter?

Gem up with the Suzuki trackday term glossary, sounding pro is the next best thing to being pro.

My Compulsory Equipment

What's compulsory, what's recommended and what's banned across Europe, at a glance.

My Trackday Checklist

Here are a few helpful tips from 3 times British Superbike Champion John Reynolds to help you get the most out of your Track Day.