Girl Torque Reviews

GSX-R600 2013 OLD L1

Chery McCormack

What is your riding ability / how long have you been riding?




Not a bad wee bike for the motorway in the gale force wind and rain. Lovely. Onto the A66. Still fighting wind, freezing cold and rain but the bike was still handling well. Not sore on my wrists although I did have sore fingers,bum and back but that was with trying ti grip on with anything I could.

Performance and fuel efficiency

Ease of use

Reliability / Ease of maintenance


How tall are you & inside leg measurement?

I had no problem with the height, mt feel were well on the ground with my long 31" inside legs. (I should have been a model) Seat height is 810mm.

Size of bike - is it comfortable to ride?

Have you had any adjustments made?

Overall thoughts on the bike

If you had to sum up your thoughts on your bike in one sentence?

There is nothing to say about the bike that I didn't like.