Girl Torque Reviews

2013 GSR750 OLD L1

Cheryl McCormack

What is your riding ability / how long have you been riding?




The bike is a very sit up straight back position and I saw scenery I have not really noticed before. I'm usually tucked behind a screen somewhere. I have never ridden a bike so perfect in cornering. So I filtered off the A75 at Annan and went back roads to Gretna (no weddings to watch as I sailed through) and then took up the back roads back to Lockerbie. I was struggling with the wind but I totally loved the bike. I was getting tighter and tighter on the bends and she never failed.

Performance and fuel efficiency

few times when I caught up on traffic I sat at about 30mph in 6th gear then I opened up to overtake and I didnt even need to drop any gears, she was away.

Ease of use

My conclusion for the bike is that she is very comfy, not sore on my wrists or my back. A very light feeling bike, that I could get both feet down with my long 31" inside leg (not that I like to keep mentioning that) Also the bike is narrow where your knees sit so you feel snug with the bike.  

Reliability / Ease of maintenance


How tall are you & inside leg measurement?

31" inside leg

Size of bike - is it comfortable to ride?

Have you had any adjustments made?

Overall thoughts on the bike

If you had to sum up your thoughts on your bike in one sentence?

I recommend you all rush out and test ride one at your nearest Suzuki dealer as soon as you have a spare dry day.