Your First Bike
You might be reading this having just passed your CBT, gained your full A1 licence, or just out of curiosity. But whatever your situation, joining the motorcycle community means, at some point, going out and getting yourself a bike.

In this section. we'll walk you through the basics: what kinds of bikes we have to suit your needs and riding style; what some of the bike terminology means; and how to get the most from a test ride at your local Suzuki dealership.

For more information and to arrange a test ride, please contact your local Suzuki dealer or click here.

Types of bike

The first step in buying a bike is deciding what type you want. Your decision will based on the type of riding you're going to be doing, and your own personal style. Bikes fall into four main categories, each divided into more specialised various subcategories.


Address 110A scooter is an ideal first bike. They're simple to ride, with both your feet on a floorboard, easy to handle and park, and cheap to run, making them very popular in cities. While scooters traditionally have smaller engines (around 125cc) many manufacturers, including Suzuki, have models with larger engines offering greater range and versatility. To see the Suzuki Scooter range, click here.


Inazuma Z

This is the classic 'standard' motorcycle in most people's minds. Streetbikes generally don't have fairings, which means you can see the engine: you'll sometimes hear the term 'naked' used to describe them. Streetbikes are very versatile: you can commute on them all week, then enjoy longer rides at the weekend. This category ranges from 'learner' bikes with 125cc engines right up to monsters with 1250cc and more. To see the Suzuki Street range, click here.

Sportsbike / Superbike

GSX-R600If you want performance and racing agility, you need one of these. Sportsbikes are based on the bikes ridden by the likes of Tyco Suzuki by TAS team, so they're designed and built with performance in mind. They're at their best on track days or blowing the cobwebs away on a sunny Sunday morning, but can also make exhilarating commuting bikes, too. It takes a bit of experience to handle the speed and power of these machines, so we'd generally recommend you get a few miles under your belt before you try one. To see the Suzuki Sportsbike range, click here.


Intruder VZ800

You don't have to be a seven-foot, twenty-stone biker with a beard like a rhododendron bush to ride a cruiser: just ask Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp. As the name implies, these relaxed, comfortable bikes are designed for long commutes or all-day rides, with larger seats and a leaned-back riding position with your feet out in front of you. To see the Suzuki Cruiser range, click here.

These are just the main types: as you get deeper into the biking world, you'll find the lines between different styles can get blurred, with many 'crossover' bikes that don't fit neatly into a specific category, which is good, because it means you're almost certain to find the bike that's best for you – and your local Suzuki dealer will be more than happy to help.

Adventure and Touring Bikes

V-Strom 650

Adventure and Sports Touring bikes are built with the emphasis on long-range comfort and a go anywhere attitude. They offer a range of luggage accessory options, some as standard and others as added optional extras.

When looking at adventure touring bikes it's important to consider practicality, comfort and fun to ride; giving you the versatility to allow you to explore. We also stock lower seats for the V-Stroms; DL650 20mm lower and DL1000 30mm lower.

This category ranges from 650 to 1250cc engines. To see the Suzuki range, click here.

Buying hints and tips

  • Choose a bike to match your capabilities – and be realistic. As your confidence and skills improve, you can always upgrade to something livelier and more powerful.
  • Consider what you'll be using the bike for. Are you going to be riding every day, or just at the weekend? Doing short local trips, commuting, or making long runs across the country? Whatever your needs and ambitions, we have a bike to suit.


Just like buying a car, you need to try a motorcycle before you commit. You need to be physically comfortable on the bike: the shape of the seat, the reach to the bars, the standover height – all these things matter, and only reveal themselves when you actually ride the bike. To arrange a test ride with your local Suzuki dealer, click here.


As well as the cost of the bike itself, you need to factor in insurance, tax and maintenance. Don't forget you may also need to include your riding gear in your initial outlay, too.

Ask Questions

We know it can be daunting buying your first motorcycle. Our Dealers have a wealth of experience and knowledge, and they're here to answer any questions you may have – in fact, most will be only too glad of an excuse to talk about bikes! And don't worry: there's no such thing as a silly question. We want you to enjoy your riding, and be safe, so if there's anything you're unsure of, just ask.

Buying a used bike

  • Check everything: controls, wear and tear, the bike's history, the lot. Also, have a good look for any damage: not all sellers will be anxious to point it out…
  • Check the paperwork: MOT certificates if the bike is over three years old, any service records and, above all, the registration document (V5). If the seller can't produce them, walk away.
  • Check that the VIN number on the registration document matches the one stamped on the bike: this can be in a number of places, so you might have to have a rummage around to find it.
  • If you're looking at a used Suzuki, we can check that it's a legitimate import by Suzuki GB. To see if there is any recall work outstanding, click here.