5th August 2015

Wednesday, August 5 – Saturday, August 8: Monument Valley with 1 PS – and my last days in northern America

As I had slept only 100 Miles from Monument Valley, I was already at noon in Monument Valley. The way there indeed anything but a steady curve highlight, but with every kilometer you have realized what was coming up on. The sheer sizy of that country is still absolutely awesome for me. And the incredible "structures" that nature has created - or how the Navajos say "mother earth".

Of course I drove diretcly to the Visitors Center, where the three famous "buttes" are wonderful to see. Since the gravel road around the "monuments" was only available for 4x4 and tourist buses, but not for motorcycles, I am just decided to upgrade to a change in PS 1 and had a tour booked with horseback riding. So we rode around some of the other "monuments", but had always a great sight to the ones well-known from movies and advertising. Thanks to the fact that the accompagnying couple was not so good on the go with their horses at the beginning, I was always in front at our Navajo guide Herb and could talk to him and ask him many questions about his life, how he grew up, the future for its people, etc. And he took the chance to ask me things about Europe, Switzerland and the Aborogines in Australia - he had found out that I already had been there. It was a great experience and I was finally quite happy that I had been prohibited with the tourist tour by motorbike. Much closer in nature and far more interesting as well. I would have though now and then like to riding a bit faster - really in the Western style ;-) but on the other hand: thanks to the slower pace we spent 3 hours instead of the paid 2 hours. It was really fun - and I think my horse "Mustang" was also quite pleased with me ;-) However, my "back" was glad to be allowed down from the saddle again. Horseback riding is definitely something different than sitting on the motorcycle.

After the obligatory strolling around in tourist shop, I went to my location for the night: Monument Valley Tipi Village: newly and naturally created and operated by a Navajo family. Not big but nice and neat done and really cool tipi's for rent. Again, extremely likeable and joyful narrative "locals". It's totally different when you can talk to the local people directly about their life, their history and their problems.  

So after a really romantic night I cheerfully headed towards Phoenix the next day. Since I had arranged the appointment for the great service on Friday morning, I did no longer go scenic spots - but have virtually unwound kilometres and another night on a "no-name" - campground. Incredible however, how the landscape towards Phoenix completely changed: suddenly forests, lakes and this time simultaneously cacti in the famous "trident" forms. And a striking difference in height; have only now realised that I had spent the last 10 days always somewhere around the 2000-2500müM.

The two nights I spent in Phoenix as "couch surfers" for the first timeA totally cool thing that  another biker has recommended to meA "communityof people who have a bed,a rooma bed left and like to get to know people from all over the worldTotal simple and works amazingSo I could stay with Molly in her housea totally cool woman who has himself been for years with the sailboat and backpackingAnd with one of her friends at a car / motorcycle show go on Saturday night, who is on the way to build a business with off-road tours;-) a great evening, there was much to tell and experiences /adventures exchange. 

And so my last days in North America come to a really good end: Suzy is prepared for the coming many kilometres, I ordered the baggage new and the new Mexico-Central America-cards again times "sniffing". 6 weeks and appr. 12'000km ago that I left Switzerland. Had an incredibly good time: that many sympathetic people, the incredibly impressive landscapes, the variety of colors, mountains, coastline, forests, desert. And I must admit, I am really a bit in love with the United States (the policy and more times left aside) - at least in the (small) part that I haave seen so far.It still feels good with traveling alone; even if it of course now and then would be nice (apart from helpful in certain situations!) to have a travel companion. But like that it s the absolute freedom.The only limits are set (or my motorcycle) by "myself". So I look forward to everything that comes, even though I am well aware that I now the "comfort" zone leave: foreign language, foreign cultures, food, everything will be new and unknown. It will be exciting in any case.