28th June 2015

Sunday, June 28th 2015: Anchorage

Wow, finally the day has come. I will leave Switzerland and my familiar life for the next 6 months. Not knowing what I will experience, whether I will handle all the adventures that might occur to me on my way down to South America.

But let's get back to the start:
I was so excited, I didn't sleep much that night. My best friend brought me fresh Croissants - though I could hardly eat anything - and I had a really warm goodbye from my neighbours. Together with my sisters and family I drove to the airport and of course many hugs and tears until finally I could go through the security check. I think that was the most feared moment. But once I passed the security check it was like something had fallen away from me: it was not a plan anymore, it was REAL!! I was on the way to Alaska!

The flight was ok, I watched a sort of strange Iceland-movie and because of the delay we had already had in Zürich the change in Reykjavik was quick without any waiting. I was tired and wanted to fall asleep already, would make the change of time even more difficult.

The scenery I was able to see from my window seat was amazing that I just did not have the time to sleep. We flew directly over Grönland and I've hardly ever seen something impressing and this beautiful before. And to know that this incredible area is in environmental danger makes it even more impressing.

Landing in Anchorage was easy. As it was Sunday there were hardly any travellers at the airport and I had shortly wait through the customs and then a shuttle bus ("people mover") that brought me into town. After checking-in at the hostel (Alaska Bent & Prop Inn) I just went for a short walk. I did not want sleep as it was daylight until 11.45pm!!

And I found the perfect place for my "welcome-beer" :-)