29th June 2015

Monday, June 29th 2015: my Suzy is waiting...

After a real good and long sleep I was ready for my first challenge on my trip: find my motorbike and get it ready for the trip!
After quite some phonecalls I finally found out where my Suzy Blue was stored. I just arrived there at the same time as the 2 guys from US-wildlife&homeland-security. They check every motorcicle coming to Alaska and look whether you bring mud or so with you. I tried to persuade them that my bike was absolutely clean. But no chance, they wanted to check it. So I helped them opening two other bike-boxes; meanwhile we had a nice chat about Alaska, what could be nice roads for me to drive, the perfect motorbike for a trip like that...etc. While talking my confidence about the cleanliness of my own motorbike slowly disapeared. I was absolutely not sure anymore whether I washed it before putting ut into the box. But everything was fine and I got the seal I needed to go forward to US-customs and get there another seal. The whole thing took me about 15 minutes and now I was officially allowed to bring in my motorbike.
I hurried back to the hostel to get my tools and buy some fuel. As the bus-driver did not let me into the bus anymore - could be dangerous with a can full of fuel!! - I took a taxi and had a funny drive with an Ex-Croatian taxi driver who was talking all the time.

Back to the storage place they brought my wooden carte to the outside and left me alone with it.

Hmmm.... I knew what was to do now, but was absolutely not sure whether I would manage it all of my own....
The start was quite easy: take away the top and one side, put all the personal belongings to the outside. And now try to put the bike into a position which would make it possible to put the front wheel in again. That wasn't easy at all and in the end the guys from the storage company had to lift it up a bit with the forklift.

The rest was actually astonishing easy: built the front wheel in, fixed the battery (thanks to my friend Joe who taught me all theses things), filled up the tank. And hey, the engine started without any problems. I was ready for take-off :-)

With a loud "yeeeehaaaa" - that of course nobody heard than me - and a big grin on my face I drove back to Anchorage. Now I am ready for my adventure!!