29th July 2015

Monday, July 27th – Wednesday, July 29th 2015: Las Vegas – a very special experience

What I had planned from the beginning became true shortly after midday: highly visible from a distance more than 50km, in the middle of the desert, the mega fairytale city of Las Vegas. But before I went to "my" hotel, Suzy Blue finally got her well-earned “little service” done (change of oil and oil filter, cleaning of the air filter, etc.). Again a great family business with all kinds of motorcycle brands on offer. The "small service" was done right away (wow, great!) and not even an hour later - Suzy Blue's front has meanwhile the third sticker from a repair shop – the two of us finally stand in front of the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas. This iconic hotel I allowed myself for 2 nights (thanks to a small but great “sponsoring” group at home). A cool room and of course the whole hotel complex full music star images, instruments and clothes. All day cool sound, along with the complete glitter-glimper slot machine world. The Hard Rock Hotel has "only" 670 rooms, which is a relatively small hotel, but with a huge pool area, a large event hall for concerts and shows and approximately 2800m2 casino area. Prices of the hotel rooms are actually quite passable but I quickly found out that the big money is brought anywhere else - and by far not only at the slot machines. A small bag of chips from the minibar $9, a deck chair by the pool area $ 15 and and and ... .. Anyway, I bought what I needed in the food shop opposite and because ice (probably the one exception) was always free to have and so I had cold drinks available at any time. The first afternoon I spent at the pool and later on hang around in the casino area. Honestly, for me it was shocking to see that people sit for hours in front of the same slot machines and simply throw their (mostly well hard-earned) money simply out the window. And I've seen the whole evening no one who was sitting there with a happy face! 
The next morning I did the typical “tourist-thing” and went on a hop on - hop off-bus to gain a basic understanding from Las Vegas. Oh how (wonderfully) decadent is there but everything: The windows from the Trump hotel actually gilded, an apartment in the middle of the Strip (only 2 buildings for residents) up to $ 3 millions. But still incredibly impressive, beautiful, all these replicas from the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Pyramids with original hieroglyphs, etc. etc. etc.
Later, the whole way again but that time on foot and I bought me a ticket for the evening show, "the One", a quasi-tribute to Michael Jackson by Cirque du Soleil. What an idea;I'm a fan of both, so it  was clear anyway that I would like it. But the great artists, the fabulous artistic show - of course in addition to all of the famous songs of Michael Jackson - was totally overwhelming (mouth permanently-open-keeping) and the rather high entry price more than worth it. Then again by foot - but now of course in night lighting from Mandalay Bay (that has an approximately 9000m2 large saltwater reef!) along the Strip slowly towards the Hard Rock Hotel. A beer here, a margarita there... I just had fun. Only now the first homeless can be seen. Of course, there are not only rich people in Las Vegas, but I suspect that it is no coincidence that they are barely visible on the Strip - more on this later. In the hotel on my only ventured to a slot machine. And what a surprise !!! I have not won anything ;-) But the mission was well-calculated and spiritually charged in advance as a "never to return" .... Yeah, I know, without believe in the win you will never win anything ... .blablabla ... Seriously, I win every day nowadays - simply no money :-)
Today then the change for one night in a cheap hostel to plan the rest of my days in the States a bit more detailed and again to wash all my clothes. In principle a good location as near downtown, clean, with pool and parking, everything ok.But then in an area where I would never ever go out alone in the night. Since I was already daytime accosted all the time for money. Poverty is just naturally present in Las Vegas - more easily on the edge. I do not feel really good about it, just to walk past. I know that many people simply cannot do nothing about their situation. The social and economic circumstances are here definitely a lot worse than back home in Switzerland.

Tomorrow - bye-bye Las Vegas, the national parks call for me and therefore probably a few more days without any news from me. And, should I not  be able to write in time: to all my Swiss folks: a happy, sunny National Day on August 1! I will for sure mount my extra from Switzerland brought Swiss flag on Suzy Blue on Saturday.