4th July 2015

Friday July 3rd and Saturday July 4th 2015: on we go.... and women & technique!

Before I start this blog I warn you it might get short as I had far too much beer.... more about it later on!

Yesterday I actually managed 550km, still without sheep fur on the saddle though. Conclusion: 400-450km are ok, everything else is worth a message to Human Rights Watch!!!

From the cosy motel in the middle of nowhere I drove through to Haines Junction and the landscape was still just breathtaking: simply incredibly wide and huge; the colour green dominates, just broken up by a few pink Lupines.

Wildlife seen so far: none! But then, at 1350km I finally see three wild animals. They saved my day: 3 super small rabbits... isn't that cute? But from bear and co. still no trace. But hey, I do not want to moan after all the three rabbits were wild. 

I set up my tent in Haines Junction and as WIFI wasn't really working fine I just went to sleep.

Besides the rather restless night - not bears but a massive snoring tent neighbour (10 meters away)! - I was waken up this morning by 3 USA motorcycles. What normally would be a nice sound, something I do not need at eight o'clock in the morning. Really: the engines running for 15 minutes, practically next to my tent.

After I got up I had to do some duties first: tensioning and lubricate chain, which worked out quite well. Otherwise a rather modest start to the day. Well, what can I say,the day was somehow not going to get any better as once back on the road and after about 50km the odometer broke down .... hmmmm .... ok, then we "feeing". Not bad either ;-)

As it flickered every now and then on the display, I assumed that it just had contact problems - unlike me ..... So I should somehow manage that in the evening (tutoring in "contact finding").

Once in Whitehorse, I set-up the tent quickly at the Hot Springs and drove back to the city, finally I buy a SIM card for Canada -easier said than done. After what felt like 1000 hours we found out that my cellphone did not work in Canada ("grey-market cell phone, other frequencies, blah blah blah...). So I just bought the cheapest phone in Wallmart (still way too expensive) and headed back to the campsite. Wanted to actualise my blog and take some pictures of the squirrels running around. But you know what? my camera just did not work; the display a mix of grey and white ggrrrr, ggrrrrr ...., I'm giving up now.

I went to calm down in the Hot Springs. What a relief after all these troubles.

Since I was able to recharge my laptop in the hostel office, I allowed myself something small to eat and to drink in the restaurant of the Hot Spring. That was the plan - I looked briefly at the menu (with US small draft beer show up always first) and ordered the beer right at the top. The waitress did not flinch a second and brought me the ordered Pitcher - 1.89Liter beer !!!!!!! with out any questions? About the salad (at least something healthy), the potato specialty of the French cooking chef and about the price, I do not leave any more words...

Conclusion: Tonight I probably will have to flee many times out of the tent, tomorrow I will have to buy a new camera and try to establish the contact of the odometer... and hope that it will be a better day.