1st January 2015

6 Months to the take-off | January 2015

The countdown now runs definitely; 6 months up to my first big trip.

I'm now ready to face the concrete tasks: new passport, vaccinations, Spanish language course, equipped the bike for travel, arranged the transport to Anchorage, found a temporary tenant for my apartment. What will I do with my cat Suri?  

Meanwhile... I will definitely not be bored until the end of June! Oh yeah, and all that the same time having a 100% full on busy job.

I have not planned exactly, in advance, how I will ride, the only thing that is clear right now is that I will start in Anchorage and from there on see just where it leads me southwards.... as far I will get towards Ushuaia. 

There are countless streets and possibilities and I will keep my freedom to decide from one day to the other how far, how long, where to....

Start: Anchorage, June 28th
End: ? sometime around Christmas