1st May 2015

2 Months to the take-off

In these bags all my belongings will fit: the complete camping gear including cooking stuff, my clothes and shoes, the tools and spare parts (that bag I hopefully will NEVER have to open!), camera, laptop and all the electronic stuff to be able to keep in contact with you.
It is really interesting to minimise your belongings to a minimum. I will write you how I handle that - will I miss some things? or realise that I could even have done with less.... who nows

There are still some things to change on my bike; but with the great help & explanations from Joe, my dear off-road friend it looks already quite good - well ok; not on that picture yet ;-)
A bigger tank (that is painted from yellow to black right now), a bigger gear for smoother driving all day long, change the off-road tyres with Heidenau K60 Scouts, blinkers and mirrors, electrical-connections, etc.