Getting Started
4th January 2012

Mod 2 prep lesson


After passing Mod 1 I feel like I can nearly see the finish line. Last stage. I’ve never been particularly concerned about the mod 2 but as it approaches I begin to feel the pressure. One final lesson before the test just to make sure there’s nothing I need to work on. Back to Frank at Right Rider and another pupil who is preparing for mod 1. Off we go and I do not feel comfortable on the bike this time. Weather is cold!!! I was having difficulty changing gear as the gear selector seems to be higher than usual and I kept hitting neutral- very annoying. My riding did not feel as smooth and I did not feel as confident as I usually do. Due to the cold we came back in to Scotspeed for a much appreciated cup of tea after a while and to let our hands defrost again- mine felt like blocks of ice despite my usually nice warm gloves.  We practiced roundabouts, junctions and general town and country riding. Frank said my riding was fine despite my uncertainties and reassured me that the cold would be playing a part in how I felt. I also concluded that I must tend to ride the other bike as they are both identical and the one I was on for this lesson just didn’t feel right. The lesson drew to a close just before 2pm as we were doing fine and not to mention it was still absolutely freezing! Arranged with Frank a plan for Thursday (test day) and questioned the weather. I will arrive between 9 and half past to be at the test centre for 10.20am which allows for time out on the bike prior to the test. Before leaving Right Rider I requested that I definitely have the other bike for my test day. This has now been labelled my lucky bike.