Getting Started
3rd November 2011

Mod 1 test!!!!

After my accident I was a little stiff and bruised but nothing major. My bruises were quite impressive though and I was asked to show them to quite a few people over the weekend. Not to worry as I bruise very easily anyway. Since my family found out there has been some sarcastic comments and some mickey taking with the odd jibe thrown in. In fact it was on one social networking site before I even got home!

However unfortunately the practice session the following week was cancelled due to Ian being ill. My partner got a call from Scotspeed just after I left Dumfries and he was unable to reach me on my mobile until I arrived in Carlisle so it was a great excuse to go shopping  J. Next time I was on the bike was my actual mod 1 test. I was mega mega nervous!!!! I was very nearly sick before it and was literally thrown out the house that morning after a poor nights sleep. I was first on site that morning and had all my documents ready prepared in my jacket pocket. The examiner was lovely and not overly formal which was great. I did say I didn’t want to be there though. Then the test which starts as soon as I lay hands on the bike out with the fence. Manual handling exercise… tick. Slalom….. Tick. Figure of 8.…. Tick. Slow speed ride….. Tick.  U-turn….. FAIL! After doing this so many times with no problem both during my practice session here and on the roads I have no real idea what happened. I remember pulling forward then before I even began the turn I seemed to stop, put my foot on the floor, then stalled the bike and fell over in that order. More damage, poor bike. This time the brake lever got it so after we picked up the bike Ian (from Right Rider/Scotspeed) had to run down to a nearby bike shop for a new lever. The examiner and I went back in to the test centre to complete the paperwork. He begins by saying ‘Unfortunately you have failed your test today.’ Which I really had to laugh at and asked really, are you sure? Apparently he has to say that. Never the less he was a very nice person and made the process as comfortable as possible.

Well short blog I’m afraid but then again it was a short test. Hopefully this will go better next time.