Getting Started
16th December 2011

Mod 1 test - take 2

After some research online the night before my test surrounding nerves. I sent my other half out to buy me some blueberries and peaches as these apparently have natural calming effects. As mad as he thought I was he obliged and I lay awake picturing me passing the test and doing everything right. This was some really useful advice from some ladies on the curvy rider forums (bike group for lady bikers) after I let them know I had my mod 1 coming up.

When I awoke the next morning I felt much more confident than I did for my last test. It’s back down for mod 1 at a not so unreasonable hour in the morning this time. I asked Ian at Scotspeed if he could put me on the test site last just as a precaution following my previous efforts. At least if I break something this time no one has to dash off for spare parts before the next test. Also I don’t have to be up at an unearthly hour in the morning to make the 45 minute trip to be at Carlisle for 8am. So after shipping the family off to their various places I went home and got my peaches and blueberries out with a cup of tea. Decided I best leave after watching a bit of TV where the programme involved paramedics attending the scene of a road accident whereby a CBR lay on top of a wall with it’s rider unconscious in the road. Not the best programme to be watching.

Got to the test site with time to spare so had a shot on the bike on the road outside the test centre, running up and down the road doing u-turns. These were awful. I felt I was getting worse with this practice instead of better so decided after a few turns that I’d be better parking up as I was making myself worse. The examiner took me off to fill out the paperwork and begin the test. Back on the test site and again no problems to begin with. Next part: u-turn. Can I do it this time? With a feeling of dread throughout my body I approached the cones and listened as the examiner went through his instruction, again I pictured myself doing this right just before I began. Next thing I knew I was facing the other way with a HUGE feeling of relief- success!! I knew after that I could do it, was sure this time I was going to pass. So excitedly off I go in to the ‘high’ speed runs. Stopping at a junction obviously no problem followed by emergency stop. Stopped the bike no problem, feeling good. The examiner approached and was talking to me but I couldn’t hear what he said until he was closer. I thought he was asking me to do the exercise again so I presumed my speed wasn’t fast enough however he asked me to go and park up at the gate and he would come let me out. I done as he asked feeling more than a little confused, as did Ian, my instructor who was standing watching the test from the sidelines. We went in for the feedback session with my instructor present as I requested and it turns out I failed the test because I did not apply the back brake quick enough and had brought the bikes speed down using the front brake initially and applied the back brake at the end of the stop. Left the test centre feeling very, very, very disappointed. Phoned my other half from the car as I was feeling a little ‘lost’ and not quite sure what happened as I was so sure I was going to pass. After driving to the outskirts of Carlisle and beginning to sob in the car I phoned him again and requested he take a half day from work. Embarrassingly I cried the rest of the way home feeling terrible. After picking my other half up from work we went in to Scotspeed following an emotional discussion as to why I failed (he questioned why this was a serious fault). Ian had not got back yet so I felt that in such situations a chocolate chip cookie was in order. Theres always next time….