Getting Started
21st December 2011

Mod 1- take 3!

I didn’t go back to Carlisle for a practice session this time but instead booked in for a lesson just to make sure I hadn’t picked up a habit of not using my back brake.  After a short lesson out practicing this with Frank from Right Rider I was happy. Must just have been a one off during my last test.

Mod 1 time again. I was a little uncertain after my last mod 1 which caused me to doubt my abilities as I thought I‘d done well. I again pictured myself doing everything right and telling myself I was going to pass but after my last test I had a nagging doubt at the back of my mind.

This time it’s back to the early morning test. Childcare arranged from 7am as I want to be in Carlisle for around 8am to ensure I have plenty of time- test is 8.45ish. Did not sleep well at all. Have been taking herbal remedies for nerves again and had one before bed but this must only last a couple of hours as I was back up at 2am unable to sleep. 4am came and went so took another tablet which allowed me to sleep until the alarm went off at 6am. Here we go again.

Got to Carlisle as planned just after 8am and another right rider pupil was on the Gladius having her practice time. I was earlier than I had been before which turned out to be very beneficial. Had a chat with Ian, from Scotspeed and the Right Rider instructor who was at the test site with the bike. When the other pupil was finished we all went in to the waiting room and she was taken off to begin the test. Unfortunately however she realised she had forgot some of her paperwork and could not sit the test. I was so worried and feeling awful for her the up coming certainty of my own test seemed less important. I went out for a brief shot on the bike doing some u-turns which were much better now that I knew I could do them- even during my test! Decided to begin my test early and I felt much calmer. As before test began fine. The u-turn was another success and the examiner smiled at me after it which I was pleased with. Emergency stop and I was determined to make sure the back brake was applied- success. Last run and I feel much less anxious. The examiner moved the four cones that I stopped in for the first ‘high’ speed run and piled them up leaving 2 cones which he asked me to stop any part of the bike between following the swerve. I hadn’t practiced this so was a little nervous but this turned out to be pretty easy. Test finished, easy as that- ha! Hoping that I had passed we went back in for feedback. SUCCESS!!! 

I gave a herbally calmed cheer of relief and excitement that I finally NEVER have to do this bit again. I seem to have developed a love hate relationship with the test centre and yet I’m pleased I won’t have to add the examiner to my Christmas card list as I was beginning to wonder. Mod 2 here I come!