Getting Started
1st June 2011

Introducing Holly

About Me

I live with my partner and young son so my lifestyle is usually quite busy with family, spending days off going for walks with the dog, at children's play parks or activity areas. We all enjoy watching films, spending time in the garden having BBQ's with friends (during the rare occasions when we have sun up here in Scotland). I go to Taekwon-do classes when I can and have been doing this now for around two and a half years.

Why you want to learn to ride?

My partner has a bike and I first got the notion after he took me out on the back of his. It felt great, much more fun than the car.

You haven't started yet so what are your concerns at the moment?

As I'm sure most people are, worried that I will somehow mess up and fall off, looking like a bit of an idiot! I always imagine bikes can be pretty heavy sometimes, to me anyway.

What you are looking forward to?

Everything but mostly passing my test and being able to jump on the bike on a nice day and go for a run.

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