Getting Started
2nd August 2011

Getting the right clothing

Helmet: Caberg V2R

Obviously the helmet being a very important piece of safety gear when out on the bike has to be good. This one is very nice. I have it in a pearlescent cream colour which shines in the sun so it looks good too. It benefits from a 5 star SHARP safety rating and is British motorcycle sport approved. It has a fog free, anti scratch visor and good air vents. Visor is quick release for easy cleaning and this particular helmet also features a 2nd internal flip down ‘smoked’ visor that my son thinks makes me look like a power ranger.

Spada Sabina Leather Gloves

These are nice, warm and comfortable. They come in different colours. I have blue ones that do look girly. They have pre-curved fingers that helps with comfort and carbon knuckle moulds for safety should I come off. Palm area is double leather reinforced. Overall they are a good pair of gloves. I like to be able to feel the controls and didn’t want a really thick pair of gloves. It is important to me that my gloves fit well as I don’t want extra material at the end of my thumb in particular as this would cause me problems using the indicator switch.

Suzuki jacket and trousers

These are breathable with shoulder vents and scotchlite reflective panels. It is waterproof and wind and cold proof which will be great during the winter. Only down side is that during my CBT and lesson this week it has been lovely, temperatures reaching a reported 25 degrees C! Not a good combination as wearing a full suit at low speeds in this weather in my opinion borders on mild torture (It didn’t help that during my CBT I also had jeans on under my trousers- NOT a good idea!). It has CE approved protection inserts at the knees, hips, back, elbows and shoulders. These seem to be really substantial in comparison to other jackets I’ve seen, particularly the back one which is reassuring. Whilst in riding position on the bike the jacket and trousers are comfortable and the protection inserts are not noticeable or uncomfortable. The trousers and jacket also zip together but I haven’t yet done this due to the heat.

Lastly and my favourite of all

SIDI Vertigo Lei Ladies boots:

I absolutely love these boots!!!! They have SIDI techno VR closing system which it a little gismo at the back which turns to adjust the boot to fit around the calf- so really size adjustable. They have an air vent on the foot and Teflon breathable lining which does not absorb water or sweat. There is a nylon shin protector and toe slider to prevent damage from wear and tear as well as a shock absorbed heel protector. These are padded around the ankle and have non slip soles which I imagine will be very useful. These are very comfortable and I haven’t needed to wear them in at all for comfort which is unfortunate as I didn‘t really want to take them off! They were eventually removed however and I have been advised that wearing boots to bed is not a good idea (nor surprisingly in the shower). I have narrow feet and these boots fit perfectly. The instant I put them on I knew that these were very good boots. They most definitely also look the part. They have a shiny black panel with a funky pink design which I really like. They also look girly and cute despite being a very sturdy boot. Since getting these boots they have been widely admired and shown to anyone who is interested or not.