Getting Started
28th November 2011

2nd Practice mod 1

Well tried again at the mod 1 site. Only this time I was visibly nervous. Had a brief chat with Frank the instructor from right rider, another boy who was there for his 125cc practice and the security guard. Both of us learners had previously failed the mod 1 and were discussing what went wrong. Frank jokingly said it should be him that’s nervous standing in an enclosed area with bikes running around him. The security guard thought he was safe as he had a fence protecting him. Ha ha ha. I think not. Told him of my last experience here when the fence could not defy the Gladius I was riding and no one was safe when I was about. Apparently my incident must have been discussed within the team as he said ‘Oh. No one told me that you were here today? It was you that done that?’ Whilst the other learner had his turn on site I chatted with the security guard who also has his bike licence as does his wife. He said that his wife struggled with nerves during her test as well and we chatted a little about the mod 1. All too soon it was my turn.

With a lot of reassurance from Frank I got ready to go and pushed the bike on site. Same routine as before practicing the annual handling exercise, slalom and figure of 8 first. Then, what is now a dreaded U-turn. No problem! After doing this as close to perfectly as I can get at this stage a couple of times, (why can’t I do it in my test?) I move on to the next step. High speed runs- again no problems. I did clip a cone with my foot on my 2nd attempt at the swerve test but after a few more tries this was fine. Three consistent speeds recorded at 53, 53, 53 km/h and I actually found the speed trap a little easier this time. I found for me the best approach was to sit around 20mph round the bend then accelerate as soon as I round the corner before the speed trap. This was much smoother than my previous efforts at this and the results showed. I completed my practice without braking anything!! No levers needing replaced, the fence still stood and no cuts, bruises or injury of any kind. I  felt a little more confident after the first couple of emergency stops and swerves but I knew I was still shaking like a leaf. After leaving the site and getting off the bike- relief!!! The security guard commented that I seemed to get over my nerves pretty quickly so I must at least appear outwardly confident. However I did take my gloves and helmet off and show them just how much I was actually shaking uncontrollably. Lets hope my test goes this well. I actually can do it so here’s hoping.