20th September 2012

Donkey's diary

Yesterday was a big day for donkey because he had his first ever swimming lesson. Donkey was so excited when he got to the campsite on Tuesday and found it was right on the beach. He could see lots of people playing in the sea and having fun, so he decided it was time to learn how to swim. Donkey asked Claire what he might need for his first swimming lesson, so she found him some red swimming trunks and a little float, as well as some goggles. Donkey was very pleased with his new things, especially the goggles.

The next day Donkey went down to the beach all dressed up in his swimming kit and joined in on a beginners class. The first thing they learnt was that if you ever get into any trouble in the water, maybe if you get tired or lose your friends, all you need to do is just flip yourself onto your back, put your head back into the water and relax. Donkey tried this and liked it enormously - it was very relaxing just lying there looking at the sky and he really didn’t have to do much! In fact donkey decided that he liked it so much, he didn’t want to learn any more - he was quite happy just to bob around in the water, smiling his big smile, and saying hello to whoever swam past. Donkey loved floating and enjoyed it very much. It was much better than the paddling - all that splashing had got water in his ears and he hadn’t liked that at all. Floating was much better.

Afterwards Donkey felt very hungry so went back to the tent for a chocolate biscuit and to tell Claire all about learning to float. It had been a really good day.