You should have been informed at the time of purchase that your ATV is not an official UK Suzuki import. If you are concerned that your machine may not be then please use this simple check.

All you need to do is enter the VIN number of the bike you own, or are thinking of buying and we will let you know immediately if we have it registered as an official Suzuki GB PLC import. The VIN number can be found on the frame or on the vehicle documentation. If you want help finding your VIN or serial number, click here

Please note this checker is for Suzuki imported motorcycles and ATVs only. It is NOT a check for stolen or accident damaged vehicles.

VIN numbers is up to date with all official Suzuki ATVs that have arrived in the UK, but Suzuki can not guarantee that all pre-registered ATVs are covered by the above VIN checker.

Suzuki Manufacturers 2 year warranty:

Suzuki ATVs are designed with cutting edge technology, but this innovation does not sacrifice reliability. Our promise to provide the highest quality machines is backed up with a peace-of-mind 2-year warranty. This extended warranty applies to all Suzuki ATVs (excluding those used for racing purposes) and demonstrates Suzuki’s continued commitment to customer service. If you buy an unofficial import, you will not get this.

Service Campaigns and Safety Recalls:

Should there be a need to arrange for a service campaign or safety recall to be undertaken on your machine; are you confident that the unofficial importer will contact you? Even if you bought the machine second hand, the original importer has the initial responsibility to contact you. If you have bought a used machine you should check with the importer that they have carried out all service and safety recall campaigns.

E.A.S.I Training:

The safety of our customers is paramount at Suzuki. If you purchase your ATV from an official dealer you can be safe in the knowledge that every dealership has staff trained by the European ATV Safety Institute (E.A.S.I) to hand over an ATV to a new customer highlighting all important safety aspects. Not only that but all Suzuki ATVs come with free E.A.S.I training for the customer to improve their riding ability and overall safety when riding.

Current Suzuki Technicians with the latest knowledge?

Official Suzuki dealers have access to regular technical training for their staff at Suzuki GB’s headquarters in Milton Keynes. This ensures that they are fully up-to-date with the latest developments and are trained to look after your essential piece of machinery to the highest standards.

Are you purchasing your ATV for work purposes?

If you are purchasing an ATV for work purposes, it is a legal requirement under P.U.W.E.R to use CE marked equipment. If your ATV is not an official import there is no guarantee that it is legitimately CE marked which could put yourself and your workers in danger and could have serious legal ramifications including fines, confiscation of machinery and even prosecution.

Did you know you have bought an import?

If you have already bought an import, and were not told so at the time of purchase, you may have a claim under the ‘Sale of Goods Act’. We would recommend that you contact your local Trading Standards office to make a complaint. You can find your nearest office here.